Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Katharine Danner, President

David Florian, Secretary

Barbara Talbert, Treasurer

Neil O’Hara, Member-at-Large and IT coordinator

Jane Hobbs, Member-at-Large


Others who have been instrumental in AAH’s development

Special thanks and appreciation go to the following individuals who supported Ashland At Home in various important ways during its development and over the years: Betsy Beyers, Val Bubb, Joe and Sally Collonge, Carole Florian, Paul Hwoschinsky, Barbara Jarvis, Jim Lizotte, Herb Long, Don Mackin, Penelope Martens, Steve Neuberger, Helaine Noble, Paul Pavlich, Dick Pischel, Daniel Seffinger, Nancy Seulean, Jeanne Stallman, and Allyn Stone.

Board of Directors meetings

The AAH Board of Directors meet the second Tuesday of the month via ZOOM.