Why you might consider an Ashland At Home membership

Few of us want to think about old age, especially our own, and what life will be like in our senior years. However, sooner or later we reach a point when the inevitable truths of aging and personal limitations confront us. This is the time in our lives when we no longer clean the gutters, prune the trees, move heavy things, replace smoke alarm batteries or drive our cars. We may begin to feel isolated and find that it’s easier to stay home than to attend events or get together with friends.

AARP’s Public Policy Institute projects a 73 percent growth in Oregon’s 85-plus population over the next twenty years. Surveys indicate a vast majority of us want to remain in our homes as long as possible. Medicare insurance will not pay for non-medical needs. In addition, according to AARP’s December 2012 Bulletin, only 6 percent of Oregon’s 50 and older residents have long-term care insurance. Often such policies cover some at-home assistance such as bathing, eating, dressing, continence and moving from a bed to a chair. However, we all know it takes much more than these services to keep us happy and safe in our homes. We will need help completing myriad home-related tasks and also help maintaining a healthy and active social life. Addressing these needs is why Ashland At Home has been created and why the “village” or “aging in place” movement is burgeoning throughout the country.

Here is a brief sampling of what Ashland At Home can do to meet your needs as a member:

  • You would like transportation to an event or an appointment
  • You need someone to water your plants while you are away
  • You need help winterizing your home
  • You live alone and would like someone to visit and join you for a cup of tea and conversation
  • You need ceiling lights replaced and worry about climbing a ladder
  • It’s cold and icy outside but you’d like someone to walk your dog
  • You’d like assistance with a computer problem
  • Your front sidewalk and stairs are covered with leaves that need removing
  • You need groceries or a prescription picked up
  • There’s a class or lecture you want to attend but you need transportation
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the bills you have to pay and need clerical assistance
  • You need help finding a good plumber or other professional services
  • You want to have a friend visit but neither of you drives
  • Your TV recorder no longer records your favorite programs and you need someone to reset the recorder.
  • You are recovering from a medical procedure or injury and would like non-medical assistance with household tasks and errands
  • Your sister is planning to visit you, but you will need someone to meet her at the airport
  • You love flowers in your garden but can no longer plant or care for them
  • You would like lever door handles installed on your doors to make access easier
  • You love visiting Lithia Park but you are worried about your balance while walking on uneven ground

As an Ashland At Home member, all you have to do is leave a message on the phone exchange and a volunteer will return your call and set up an appointment to come to your home. Although a majority of your needs can be satisfied by our volunteers, if the task requires specialized training, AAH will provide the names of member-recommended professionals in the area.

Membership Fees

The annual fee for a one-person household is $500, and $600 for a two-person household. Membership is open to residents living within the 97520 zip code.

Member Programs

Ashland At Home will offer “skills” and “enrichment” programs throughout the year. Skills programs address our health and safety needs as seniors or others living independently. They will include instruction on various topics such as “Conducting a Home Safety Audit, “Planning For a Possible Home Emergency,” “Preventing Falls,” “Daily Stretching and Strengthening While Watching the News,” and “Tips for Remembering important information”. “Enrichment” programs are designed for fun, learning and socializing. They will include trips to performances, group gatherings at a home or a favorite restaurant, transportation to OLLI classes and lectures, and educational tours of local places of interest.